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  • Why homeopathy?

    It works

    Homeopathy is the second most used utilized medicine in the world today, accessed by well over 500 million people. Not surprisingly, it is ingrained within the national healthcare systems of many countries around the world. You do not have to be unwell to see a Homeopath. No matter your current stage of health, homeopathy can create wellness and joy at a level you may have never before experienced.  My Resource section has links to historical and scientific research information should you be interested in reading more.

    It is gentle and non-toxic

    Homeopathy is favoured by many physicians worldwide as their primary method of supporting ailments during pregnancy, breastfeeding or fragile health as it is gentle, non-toxic without any harmful side effects. Homeopathy seeks to cure, not suppress, and will not interfere with other medication or supplements.

    It is uncomplicated

    Homeopathy is administered in easy to take nano doses and nudges you to heal from within using your own unique and extraordinary innate wisdom. It can be used by anyone to address any ailment whether diagnosed or not. It works on the physical, mental and emotional areas of your life but does not require that you make any changes to your current routine. What is likely to take place, however, is a desire to change habits that are impeding your progress. The right remedy will typically provide you with a new positive perspective as healthier choices subtly evolve over time. The results tend to be long lasting, so you are unlikely to see a homeopath for the same ailment for the rest of your life.

    It is not tested on animals

    Homeopathic prescriptions are not tested on animals and is truly rooted in the maxim “Do no harm”. Homeopathic prescriptions or “remedies” are tested on healthy human volunteers.

    Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other form of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more economical. – Mahatma Gandhi