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  • What to Expect

    If you have any questions, or would like to book an intake, I would ask that we schedule a 30 minute complimentary Discovery call. It is important that we have this time together to determine if I am the right practitioner for you. I will be honest and clear as to what you can expect working with me and from homeopathy. You can reach me by clicking on the Contact Me Today link and sending me an email to schedule your call. This conversation will not be a sales pitch. There is no requirement to book an appointment.

    After the Discovery call, should we decide to move forward with an appointment, I will provide you with a password to access your intake package from the forms page under the header get started. I would ask that you complete and forward these forms to me via email at least one day before your initial intake.

    Your intake appointment will take about 2 hours. My job is to acquire an understanding of your health and the precise symptoms you are experiencing. With this information I will seek to find a homeopathic medicine (remedy) that matches your symptoms. I typically take several days to a week to complete my research and then depending upon where you reside, arrangements will be made to access your prescription.

    Although you will have completed an intake form, I will ask a lot of additional questions to “paint” a complete picture. I am essentially putting together fragments of a jigsaw puzzle, piece by piece, that will lead me to the medicine that you require.  Your medical history, personality traits, likes, dislikes, stress triggers, lifestyle, how your body and mind express themselves, your sleep habits and your dreams will help me understand what is unique about YOU.

    This intake is ideally done in person, but if circumstances prevent that, we can connect via video.

    *During the current pandemic, I am doing most appointments via video. If a video appointment is not possible, we can discuss alternatives.

    Once you have received your first prescription, we will arrange to have a follow up appointment approximately 4-6 weeks later. At that time, I will evaluate the impact of the prescription. That appointment will be from forty-five minutes to an hour.

    The number of follow up appointments needed is difficult to predict. It will depend on a number of factors including how long you have been experiencing your symptoms and most importantly how you react to the remedy.  Once your main concerns are addressed, I may not need to see you unless you seek me out for an acute illness, injury, surgical, birth support or something new.

    Some folks like to arrange a follow up annually just for a check in and review of their wellness.  Because of the individualized approach using this medicine, I have had occasions where someone’s main complaint is addressed rapidly within two sessions. Alternatively, with other more chronic situations, it has been necessary to see someone every 1-2 months while their condition steadily improves.

    Whether you are reaching out in order to simply feel more vital and enhance your immune system, or if you have a specific acute or chronic physical or emotional concern, my role is the same. Homeopathic treatment involves a gradual process of change towards better health. You may notice that you feel better than ever physically, mentally and emotionally. Many aspects of your life may feel in balance and even areas not thought to be problematic may suddenly seem more manageable.

    A most sacred aspect of my practice embodies my personal philosophies of non-judgment, respect, confidentiality, and inclusivity. Everyone has a story, and everyone’s story is important. My practice is a safe place to be yourself and express your truth. I will do all that I can in order for this space to feel comfortable for everyone.

    The long-term benefit of homeopathy to the patient is that it not only alleviates the presenting symptoms but it reestablishes internal order at the deepest levels and thereby provides a lasting cure.
    George Vithoulkas – renowned Author and Homeopath