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  • Homeobotanicals

    A powerful wellness weapon, Homeobotanicals combine the healing power of herbs with the potency and efficacy of homeopathy.

    These beautiful plant-based blends were developed as a core system of healing in New Zealand. They are organic, ethically sourced and work synergistically with homeopathy. Each blend has been prepared by master herbalists to detox, nourish and support sustained wellness, health and energy, leaving our bodies capable of functioning much more efficiently.

    I blend individualized formulas for my patients with their specific needs in mind. There are blends for every conceivable physical and emotional symptom. Even the healthiest of individuals can benefit from their gentle detoxification and nutritious properties.

    Without a toxic load, our innate immune system is supported to re-align itself and work to restore balance.

    When toxins are gently eliminated, the organs and systems of the the body can access and absorb the vitamins, minerals and enzymes within the herbal blends to nourish and re-build the immune system and re-balance the organs. This then encourages the body to have the building blocks to start to create more vibrant health and energy.