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    Join the Refill Revolution!

    Words cannot express how much I love this store! Rachel and Krista were two childhood friends with a dream who wanted to make a difference:

    “We opened our doors in late November 2021, and in that time, we have filled, refilled and repurposed thousands of containers that would have been destined for landfills or the environment. We also offer package-free items, reducing consumer waste and contributing to a greener tomorrow”.

    This ecofriendly, extraordinary business in downtown Kentville has a positive, warm and friendly vibe. Be prepared to spend a lot of time investigating the hundreds of carefully curated, unique, earth-friendly products and the 40+ bulk items available.

    The Wholesum Refillery Shoppe is also an active member and disposal site for The Beauty Collection Program which takes hard to recycle cosmetic packaging and sends it back to “Pact” to process or recycle in an earth friendlier way.

    Pact Collective

    I now purchase all my laundry, dishwasher, hand soap, deodorant and toothbrushes from this amazing business. There is quite literally something for everyone in this store. The Wholesum Refillery Shoppe has become my go to when I need a gift or greeting card. I walk out of the store feeling delighted that I was able to support a women led local business that continues to make a huge difference in my community and ultimately the planet.

    As their website beautifully exclaims “Small Changes = Big Impact”. Consider visiting a refillery in your neighbourhood. If you are anywhere near Kentville and can visit The Wholesome Refillery Shoppe, run, don’t walk! Let’s be like them today and every day, making a difference one person at a time! Start where you can!!

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