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  • FAQ’s

    What is the difference between a Naturopath and a Homeopath?

    A Naturopath is a general health practitioner that uses a multifaceted, natural approach to wellness. While they may offer homeopathy as a modality, unless they have acquired extra specialized accreditation their training will be a fraction of those specializing in homeopathy.

    A homeopath is a specialist in the field of the medicine known as homeopathy. The focus of a homeopath is to match your symptoms and all that is unique about you to one of 8,000 remedies thus far proven. A homeopath does not prescribe based upon the illness or disease; they prescribe based on the totality of symptoms and the individual person. A homeopath trained in Ontario has undergone thousands of hours of education and supervised clinical practice focusing on homeopathy, biochemistry, anatomy & physiology, pathology, and toxicology and more. They are then required to complete a rigorous series of exams and submissions which must be approved by a body known as the College of Homeopaths of Ontario. As of April 1, 2015 in order to practice homeopathy in Ontario, you must be registered with this regulating body. While residing in Ontario I was a full member in good standing of this college. Since moving to Nova Scotia in 2021 I have become a member of the Maritime Society of Homeopaths.

    What conditions can be treated by homeopathy?

    Anyone, at any age or state of health can be treated by homeopathy. It does not interfere with any other medicine, treatments or supplements. It is non-toxic and does not cause any stress on elimination organs i.e. kidneys, liver or your lymphatic system. It is used worldwide by millions daily to treat every conceivable physical or emotional ailment.

    A short list would be: fertility, anxiety, insomnia, menopause, cancer, hormonal imbalance, acute/chronic pain, thyroid challenges, depression, chronic fatigue, pcos, painful periods, behavioural challenges, ptsd, nightmares/terrors, flu, leaky gut, ibs, crones, sibo, diabetes, constipation, diarrhea, gerd, fibroids, endocrine imbalance and post-surgical support.

    Is homeopathy covered by insurance?

    Homeopathy is not covered by any of Canada’s provincial health care systems at this time. It may be covered under private benefits and is worth checking into. If you are employed, you can request that an employer have it added. Alternatively, the cost of appointments can be submitted as a health expense for you and your dependents when submitting your Canadian taxes.

    Do I have to be sick to see you?

    Not at all! While homeopathic medicine is often considered by some as a last resort when faced with a dire prognosis, it is my hope that people consider that even without a serious ailment, homeopathy can be incorporated into everyone’s wellness regime to live their best life possible. Once I do your intake, I am on your wellness team and am available to walk with you through whatever emotional or physical crisis may develop. When our health is at its optimum, our immune system is stronger and we can live longer, healthier lives. An exciting development in the field of epigenetics would suggest that homeopathic treatment may inhibit the development of pre-existing conditions that may be genetically passed to unborn children.

    How do I book an appointment?

    You will see a contact me today link below to send me a message. You will note that before an intake can be scheduled, a complimentary Discovery call needs to take place. If you need to connect urgently, you can contact me by phone during business hours in order to schedule the call. I am looking forward to talking to you!