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  • Gift Certificates

    Consider giving the gift of health to a loved one with a beautiful gift certificate from Earthsong Homeopathy & Apothecary. Gift certificates come in a beautiful vintage looking matching brown envelope and can be purchased for any denomination.

    Do you know anyone who is struggling or who would like to feel better? Do you know anyone who rarely places their own needs first? Do you have someone in your life who has everything they need and is difficult to buy for?

    Feeling vital, healthier and happier than you ever have before is priceless. No matter your age or current state of emotional or physical health, a homeopathic consultation is truly the gift that keeps on giving and can change your life.

    Geography is not a barrier, as I consult with people all over the world via video or phone.

    If you would like to purchase a gift certificate please contact me by phone during business hours or use the contact me link to connect.

    Healing is possible.