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  • Transplanted

    Hello from the east side! I am thrilled to have you here. I would like to update you regarding my big move and where I am now planting roots.

    While on vacation in 2019, I unexpectedly left my heart in Nova Scotia. I discovered an innocence, a clarity and a rhythm that resonated deeply within my soul. When you know, you know.

    I decided to pay attention.

    In July of 2021, after months of packing a home that was my North star for 26 years, navigating thousands of miles with my furry copilot, we arrived in the province known as Canada’s Ocean Playground.

    Our home is graced with skylights and large, beautiful windows that allow us to watch the antics of countless birds and the changing seasons of a forest. At night the stars and moon look close enough to touch.

    We have promised this land, we will do all we can to honour and protect her; she in turn is holding us safely with beauty and calm.

    We have experienced summers end, an exquisite autumn and are now witnessing winter in the Annapolis Valley. People can be beautiful everywhere, but each person here seems kinder than the last.

    This Valley, unceded Mi’kmaq territory, is rich with farmland, apple groves and a population that is creative and welcoming. We are 10 minutes from markets, walking trails and the roar of the Bay of Fundy which is reputed to hold powerful, healing energy.

    Eagles and hawks are abundant here and the trees; ohh the trees.

    With noise and hurry now in a rearview mirror, I am filled with gratitude for the continued opportunity to work with heart centered patients that gift me with their trust.

    I will forever encourage anyone listening to ALWAYS pay attention to your inner voice. It is what guided me here.

    Take that leap and listen to your exquisite intuition. It is the sacred you. It is spirit guiding you to your highest and best possible self.

    Time is fleeting and lives are short. Fill yours to the brim following your dreams and creating magical soul fulfilling moments.

    Be well,

    ~ Lorraine Robertson